- Grading Standards

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How We Grade

I have been around sports cards since 1981

When my father and uncle opened a store that was in business at the height of collecting cards in the 1980's until we closed in 1995

After the store closed I got out of the business until 2000 when I started selling on ebay with the user name addicted.shopper.nj where I offer a variety of vintage sports/non-sports cards, PSA graded cards, sports collectibles, magazines, comic books, posters and supplies

So I feel you will be satisfied with my grading of cards grades very conservatively in order to meet and hopefully exceed the customers' expectations, but I cannot guarantee that the card will get the grade I provided if sent to one of the professional grading companies

Vintage cards are inspected under light and magnifying glass to properly see the condition and then give a grade to the card

Vintage cards up to 1969 will have the following grading scale
Poor, Good, Good/Very Good, Very Good, Very Good/Excellent, Excellent, Excellent++

Cards from 1970 and up will have the following grades
Good, Very Good, Excellent, Near Mint